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Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures
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The Stahlin Video Library

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30" Expanded J Series

NEW 30 Inch Expanded J Series

Stahlin Hand Layup Process

The process for hand-crafted custom enclosures.

Expanded J-Series Weight Tests

See Why Stahlin's New Expanded J-Series Will Meet Your Most Demanding Application Needs. This Video Features A Side-By-Side Weight Test Comparison In Which Stahlin Visibly Outperforms Another Enclosure Option.

Stahlin Impact Test

See For Yourself Visual Proof Of How Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures Outperform Metal Alternatives In Resisting Impact Damage.

A Proven Product Line - Bigger And Better

The Stahlin J-Series Is Now Ready For Immediate Delivery In Three New, Larger Sizes With Options Of A Hinged Lockable Pull Latch Or New 3-Point Latch! Watch This Video Clip To Learn More.

SolarGuard Animation

Illustrating The Effects Of SolarGuard

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures

SThe Complete Story In 3D Video!

Stahlin ControlTower Video

Featuring Artis Gilmore.

DiamondShield Assembly Demonstration

Enclosure Assembly In Less Than 8 Minutes.

Sheet Molding Compound - SMC Video

SMC Video.

Stahlin Enclosures History Video

Stahlin Enclosures.

Stahlin Enclosures Product Families

Manufacturing Video.

Stahlin Enclosures Pre-Molding Video

Manufacturing Pre-Molding Video.

Stahlin Enclosures Post-Molding Video

Stahlin Enclosures.

Abita Brewery-Case Study

Abita Brewery-Case Study Video.

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