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Fiberglass Enclosures

Fiberglass Enclosures - Industrial Enclosures - Waterproof Enclosure

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Fiberglass Enclosures

Fiberglass enclosures by Stahlin are the world's most specified non-metallic enclosures. Their composite make up have made them the ideal choice for the protection of electrical components and electrical systems. There ability to stand up to the harshest environments have given them the upper hand over the more traditional steel or aluminum enclosures.

They are easier and cheaper to manufacture and have a longer life expectancy and lower maintenance costs. Fiberglass enclosures can also be used in any industry from chemical processing, to waste water treatment, and even something as simple as outdoor landscaping.

The six most important factors in determining which type of enclosure to choose are environmental, physical, and electrical characteristics as well as material and material utility, appearance and price. Environment characteristics is where fiberglass enclosures really prove their superiority. There composite make up is what makes them able to stand up to the most corrosive surroundings.

Temperature, chemical, moisture, and an understanding of the physical world where the enclosure will be installed are all taken into consideration when formulating the make up of the composite. A product that can not withstand daily exposure to these factors will quickly fail.

The physical characteristics of these types of enclosures is what gives them there strength, size, weight, flammability, safety, security, impact resistance etc. Basically it is how well the product will be able to protect the electrical components inside. Steel or aluminum are very strong materials, but they tend to wear out much quicker than there counterparts in regard to the other resistance factors. Fiberglass enclosures are also very electrically sound. There electrical conductivity, service temperature, thermal conductivity, grounding, and arc resistance are all taken into consideration.

The enclosure must be able to create a safety barrier for the internal components they were made to protect. Thermal conductivity is how the enclosure reacts to temperature. If things get too hot outside or inside the enclosure there may be a failure.

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