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Duraboxx Series - DCC Series

Duraboxx Series - DCC Series
Shared Characteristics
NEMA Rating: 1, 3, 3S, 12, 4X, 6 and 6P
IEC60529 IP66, IP67, IP68

The Stahlin DuraBoxx® Series was developed with a sleek design and shallow depths. These enclosures are suited for rugged, durable performance in both commercial and industrial indoor and outdoor environments such as mining, oil, gas, wastewater treatment, and petro-chem. Also, because of their pleasing aesthetics and flush cover design, they are well suited for high-end electronic applications such as wireless communications and operator interfaces.

Available Configurations

W Flush fitting clear cover fastened by captive lid screws.
Design Features
  • Solid construction fiberglass reinforced polyester with a screw held cover and base.
  • Mated cover and base with small raised edge to center a mating groove in the cover.
  • Foamed-in channel polyurethane gasket.
  • Smooth edged mating of cover to base.
  • No cover overhang, no sidewall obstruction.
  • All cover securing hardware functions outside of the sealing lip of the enclosure.
  • Cover screws are made of stainless steel to maintain the corrosion resistant integrity.
  • Captive screws in cover.
  • Designed for direct to wall mounting or with use of external mounting feet.
  • Unobstructed sidewalls for easy conduit entry. There are no ribs or molded channels to obstruct fittings and connectors mounted from the outside.
  • A square wall design allows for close proximity mounting to other enclosures or mounted obstacles.

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