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Stahlin's "FirstChoice" Program
Out-competing Stainless Steel
    Composite Fiberglass Enclosures Out-Compete Stainless Steel With A Winning Combination Of Benefits!

  • Composite fiberglass is dramatically more cost effective than stainless steel. Users of stainless steel enclosures have been paying a premium because of repeated stainless steel price increases.
  • Composite Fiberglass enclosures in smaller sizes up to 20" x 16" are now up to 75% less expensive than comparable sizes in stainless steel!
  • Composite Fiberglass enclosures in wall mount sizes up to 36" x 36" are now as much as 60% less expensive than comparable sizes in stainless steel!
  • Composite Fiberglass enclosures in large sizes up to 90" x 72" are now as much as 40% less expensive than comparable sizes in stainless steel!
  • Composite fiberglass is corrosion resistant
  • Although stainless steels are used in corrosion resistant applications, the fact of the matter is in some environments they are subject to degradation and damage by pitting, crevice, stress cracking, sulphide stress cracking, intergranular, galvanic and contact types of corrosion.
  • Composite Fiberglass – quite simply – is not susceptible to rust or other forms of oxidation.
  • Composite Fiberglass enclosures also offer excellent chemical resistance to halogens (Chlorine, Fluorine).
  • Composite Fiberglass enclosures are acceptable for use in most environments involving acids, alkalines, and solvents.

Out-competing Stainless Steel Products!
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Stahlin's FirstChoice Program - logo

Stahlin's FirstChoice Program - logo

Stahlin Announces ControlTower Expansion!
Now Available In 62 Standard Sizes!
    Stahlin recently launched their enhanced ControlTower product line. Look in the product section for new size information!

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