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Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures
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Who We Are

Stahlin Enclosures
Are The Most Specified Non-Metallic Electrical Enclosures In The World. Why?
  • Because of unsurpassed, proven product performance quality.
  • Because we are the actual pioneers of fiberglass enclosures.
  • Because we offer the largest available selection of non-metallic enclosures.
  • Because of Stahlin's competitive pricing.
  • Because of our ability to meet your needs & right now!

    Your benefits are rooted in more than 60-years of Stahlin engineering and manufacturing experience in solving unique requirements.

    Put simply: we build non-metallic enclosures that meet your needs, with quality that will exceed your expectations.

    Stahlin provides the most extensive in-stock line of non-metallic enclosures and accessories including:

  • ModRight
  • DiamondShield Series Enclosures, DS
  • Classic Series Enclosures, CL
  • Small Junction Enclosures
  • Pushbutton Series - Inline and multi-hole pushbutton enclosures
  • PolyStar Series
  • Duraboxx Series - Junction Enclosure, shallow depth, D, DL
  • New Sentry Series, PVC
  • N Series - Wall Mount and Control Tower
  • Disconnect Series - Control enclosures with disconnect handle, C
  • Accessories - Various accessories for use in electrical applications
  • Custom Products - Custom designed products for specific uses

    Because we are the primary source producer of all our own enclosure components, we provide you assured quality control. From a single manufacturing location we:

  • Formulate and blend our own fiberglass composite including patent-pending SolarGuard" for unequaled UV resistance.

  • Mold our enclosures using the highest processing standards.

  • Integrate CNC and other technologies to optimize bonding, gasketing, customizing functions, and final assembly processes.

  • Maintain a balance between appealing aesthetics and stringent physical property performance standards including NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P integrity.

    Stahlin is competitive from the word Go! for three primary reasons:

  • We have hands-on control of our integrated, in-house manufacturing process from first step to last touch.

  • Non-metallic enclosures offer significant economic savings over metallic alternatives such as stainless steel, yet provides comparable or superior physical property benefits.

  • We are price competitive with other non-metallic material options while frequently offering better performance value.

ModRight Wire frame Render

ModRight Wire frame Render

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